Are Wigs in Style?

”But aren’t wigs for costumes?” “What are you doing, going to comic con?” “Come on, natural beauty is where it’s at.” All three are things I have been told recently about my decision to wear wigs. This made me wonder if wigs are truly in style for the everyday consumer - without looking costume-like or fake.

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Right when I was about to put my wig back in it’s box, I saw my reflection in the mirror and realized that whether the current fashion trend was for or against wigs, they would always be in style for me.

Don’t Let Trends Run Your Life

Trends in fashion and beauty change almost by the hour anymore. But does that mean we have to constantly be augmenting ourselves to fit a specific framework of what is and what isn’t beautiful? I say no. I believe trends and fads in beauty and fashion can be fun to try for an afternoon and maybe even stealing an aspect of a certain trend that works for you but implementing it different is great. But because one day someone says it’s out of style to wear a wig does not mean that you need to kick wig-wearing to the curb!

Wigs Lend Themselves to all Seasons

Something we discuss all the time in fashion and beauty is this concept of changing with the seasons. Well you are rocking a wig or your natural hair, this couldn’t be more simple. Whether you are changing from a lighter color for summer to a rich color for fall (I love Liliana by Esteticia) or changing from your winter length to a short bob for spring, wigs give you the versatility without having to commit to a drastic cut or color change. Never see them as a constriction on your fashion game, rather a door of opportunity. That's why my style always starts with a great wig!

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Just be you.

When I first started wearing wigs, I never thought I'd say that it's the most fashion-forward part of my style. My wigs have really become an extension of myself, much like my clothes or makeup. Celebrities and influencers wear them so casually that no one really comments on them anymore. People are also increasingly less concerned about what is “fashion” and what instead is best for each individual. This shift to focus on what natural beauty is and how it is different for everyone and how allowing someone to express who they are through their appearance is finally becoming acceptable. And experiment; Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t find your style in one either. So be bold, be brave, and be confident!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cat nurse - October 23, 2018

Totally agree with all said. I’m over 60, sometimes I wear silver, sometimes blondes, or frosted lite browns. I have neckline to shoulder top lengths. I do avoid long straight styles, they just seem to make me look older. It’s just personal taste, what makes you feel comfortable and attractive! It’s also fun to play with them, style and trim to make it you.

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