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How Does Wig Outlet Work?

Posted on April 14 2018

Every person wants the latest and greatest looks, but everyone is always looking for a bargain as well. Due to the demand of great items at lower prices, we have stores like Nordstrom’s Rack.  Just like the brick and mortar stores, Wig Outlet is our answer to great styles at a bargain price. is the outlet version of! Wig Outlet stocks open box items, over stocked items and discontinued items.

On Wig Outlet, none of the wigs are used. Wigs may be washed and restyled by our stylists on hand, but the style is never altered. This is done to ensure we are getting the pieces out to you in pristine condition. Wig Outlet does not sell, cut, or altered styles. Please keep in mind, when ordering from Wig Outlet, not all colors are available nor can we predict the availability of any color. The available colors are shown in circular swatches on the top right hand corner of the style on

Though Wig Outlet is under the same company as, they are two different websites. and are not inter-changeable, this means:

  • Items ordered on one site cannot be returned or exchanged for an item on another site.
  • Sales on do not apply to sales on and vice versa.
  • Store credits/ points cannot be transferred from to
  • You do need to create an account for each website.

When placing an order on Wig Outlet, please be aware that prices may vary from color to color within the same style. When selecting a style always look to see if the item is on sale or if it is a final sale/non-returnable item. A final sale/non-return item is just that; not returnable after purchase.

Wig outlet does not do exchanges. All items purchased should be returned for a refund within 30 business days and will incur a 10% processing fee. Please keep in mind return shipping is a cost you will need to cover. We do recommend sending all returns back with a tracking method. This is for your peace of mind and ours. Return tracking numbers allows us to track your return shipment should any queries arise. When returning an item please do not alter the piece you receive in any way. Returned items can be deemed ineligible for various reason, some reasons are:  cut or trimmed pieces, heat styling, cutting of manufacturer tags, damaged boxes, etc.

Keep in mind; our experts are always here to assist you in selecting a color or style! Our experts can also assist you by notifying you of what colors and options are available in each style. Choosing wig outlet for your wig and topper needs is a great way to get started, not only because of price but it is a great website for first timers. Finding your perfect piece is stressful and time consuming, using Wig Outlet as a starter site before committing to your perfect style is a smart way to make the trial and error process cheaper and less stressful.


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 If you have any questions about how Wig Outlet works, ask in the comment section below!

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